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Esri is committed to compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) giving consumers in California additional rights and protections regarding how businesses may use their personal information. Esri does not sell your personal information and avoids using targeting cookies as part of our products and services. You have a right to opt out of targeting cookies when using Esri web pages which are not part of products and services and is available through the corresponding "Do Not Share My Personal Information" link at the bottom of such pages."

Esri in-scope Services

With respect to our customers doing business in California, we are a "service provider" as defined in the CCPA. As a "service provider," we only use customer data and personal information as permitted in our customer agreements. The terms of our Master Service Agreement (MSA) and Data Processing Addendum (DPA) meet the requirements in the CCPA for "service providers" and are sufficient for our customers to continue to use our services.

Privacy Rights Enhancements

As privacy regulations mature, California provides amendments such as the California Privacy Rights Act ( CPRA) which went into enforcement on Jan 1, 2023. When customers utilize ArcGIS products or services, they may optionally incorporate a variety of potentially sensitive data types where CPRA applies. Esri has proactively taken steps to ensure compliance with CPRA and empowers supporting our customers to align with regulatory requirements through capabilities such as:

  • Data Protection - ArcGIS incorporates robust data protection mechanisms, ensuring that personal data of California residents is securely processed and stored.
  • User Control - ArcGIS users have control over their data and can exercise their CPRA rights, such as data access and deletion, through user-friendly interfaces and clear procedures.
  • Transparency - ArcGIS provides clear information about data usage and ensures that any data sharing or processing is communicated transparently to the users.